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Welcome to 2ez 3dm a website for 3D Artists.   

Whether you are just getting started or a full time professional, we know you are on a budget and that's why you'll find all 3D assets for $0.99.

Rhino Fork Lift V-Ray 3dm

Fork Lift     $0.99

Coffe Table Rhino 3dm

Coffee Table    $0.99

Wheel F1 Pirelli 3dm Rhino

Wheel     $0.99

Floor Lamp Rhino 3dm

Retro Lamp    $0.99

Apples Basket Wire Rhino 3dm

Apples   $0.99

lantern rustic rhino 3dm

Rustic Lantern     $0.99

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Edison Bulb Rhino 3dm Light

Edison Bulb  $0.99

Bar Stool Rhino 3dm

Bar Stool     $0.99

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