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Pricing Guide

Pricing is based on (3) elements:

1.      The number of assets (furniture, lighting, appliances) in a scene.

2.      The number and type of materials used – Photorealistic or Diagrammatic.

3.      The complexity of the design


Other factors that may affect the final estimate:

o   The number of iterations produced before the final rendering is created

o   Design time, do you need help with your design?  Selecting materials, visualizing scale, landscaping, interior / exterior lighting?

o   Starting the model from scratch or using a 3D file provided by you.  If you’ve started your model in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp or any other 3D software, it could save significant time and cost.  We have a convenient “Upload” button that allows you to easily upload your larger files directly to our website.


Prior to producing the final renderings we will send “proofs” for your review.  When all of your comments have been addressed, the final renderings will be run and delivered electronically via email or downloaded directly from our site.

Once a model is created and the lighting is correct, it is fairly easy to create renderings from different vantage points and camera angles.  Additional renderings of the same scene typically cost $50-$100 depending on the computing resources required to complete the final render.

As an example, the upper left rendering on our home page cost roughly $800 while the rendering on the lower left cost $600.  Neither rendering used custom assets (furniture, lighting, etc.) these were pulled from our library and easily placed within the scene design.

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